Sunday, August 28, 2011

Let's Get it Started!

Hello Blog World!

Eastern Michigan University Theatre thought it was time to BLOG!  We hope for this blog to be a forum for conversation between ourselves, EMU Students, artsy folks in Michigan, and Thespians from around the globe! By subscribing to our blog we'll be able to keep you updated on our current projects and give you a FREE VIP PASS to the inner-workings of our exciting season.

We're going to help you make your EMU Theatre Experience Check List.

Check One: Welcome Back Picnic
Every year Players at EMU (the student org for theatre) hosts a special Welcome Back Picnic sponsored by the Communication, Media and Theatre Arts Department. Free food. Free friends. Free fun. Heck. Yes. Meet us behind the Quirk Theatre building on Wednesday, September 7th from 4-6 and get a chance to hang out with some REAL LIFE THESPIANS!!

Check Two: Auditions.

Auditioning is said to be one of the most challenging aspects of the theatre world.  Wouldn't you say it's pretty unnerving to stand alone in front of the people who have the power to say "Yes" or "No" to an opportunity you want desperately?  The answer is YES.
But we here at EMU Theatre encourage all folks to stand up for themselves and audition! The worst they can say is "No".  So why not put yourself out there?
For more information about auditions for Imaginary Invalid and Go Dog, Go! click here.

This summer - EMU Theatre presented the community with a high-quality, high-energy performance of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Well, we're bringing it back for those of you who missed it! Come see song, dance, improv, audience interaction, inappropriate jokes, and fantastical performances.

We hope you've enjoyed our first blog! Stay tuned for interviews and updates on our season!

For more information - visit our website.

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