Thursday, April 5, 2012

EMU Theatre Presents "Guys and Dolls": A Show Full of Crap (Games)

The desire to live in another era is a common fantasy, but for EMU Theatre students the fantasy is practically a reality. Guys and Dolls (April 13-21) takes place in the 1940’s – an era that is often romanticized in film and theatre. It is the decade of WWII, the first commercial televisions, Sinatra, Fred Astaire, Lucille Ball, and a minimum wage rate of $.43 per hour.  (Keep reading and check out some photos from rehearsal!)

Guys and Dolls ushers audiences through the infamous decade with spectacular song, dance, and nifty dialogue.

Eric Hohnke (pictured center) says, “Even though Guys and Dolls is a familiar classic, it will be an EMU Theatre original”. Actors, designers, and directors have dedicated the past months to organizing a ducky experience for Southeastern Michigan audiences.

If you’re not familiar with Guys and Dolls….Don’t worry, we won’t tell you to scram! Rather, we would delight in introducing you to the beloved characters Nathan Detroit, Miss Adelaide, Miss Sarah Brown, and Sky Masterson. 

In an effort to jump start his crap games, Nathan Detroit, wrangles a risky wager with Sky Masterson, a man who bets as high as his name. Nathan bets Sky 1 thousand dollars that he will fail at wooing the prudish broad, Miss Sarah Brown.

To win the bet, Sky must convince Miss Sarah Brown to travel to Havana with him. Meanwhile, Nathan Detroit is dealing with a relationship predicament of his own. He has been engaged to the lovely Miss Adelaide for 14 years! Does he have it in him to set a date before she tells him to scram? (Check out the interview with the actors who play Nathan and Adelaide!)

Guys and Dolls runs April 13-21 (click here for show times!) and is sure to entertain audiences of ALL ages. Bring a date! Bring a friend! Purchase tickets HERE!

Rehearsal Preview!

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