Thursday, May 24, 2012

What is Tech-Week?

Have you ever bumped into a sad-looking Thespian and inquired, "Are you doing okay?"
To which they reply, "I'm just not really alive right now. It's tech week for the show I'm in."
That's when you give them an encouraging pat on the back (not too hard, because they're very fragile) and wonder to yourself, "What is this new torture device that is crushing the souls of thespians all around the world?"

EMU Theatre is here to answer that question! The cast & crew of The 39 Steps will be undergoing the "tech process" Sunday-Thursday (May 27-31) to get the show ready by FRIDAY, JUNE 1ST!

EMU production stage manager, Emily-Ann Jugowicz says, "Actors get weeks of rehearsal to put everything together for a production. Tech week is the one week we get to figure out all of the technical elements: set, lighting, costumes, etc."

When you sit down in a comfy theatre seat and smoke comes up from the ground and the lights begin to swirl and music fills the air, there is surely someone over a headset cueing all of the other technicians to make it seem like you're viewing magic. This is another major part of tech week. Breaking down every sight, sound, entrance, exit, and costume piece to make it look seamless and professional.

Jugowicz says, "It's a lot going on at once. Usually, the actors are really familiar with the script but the crew has never seen the show before. The actors can get angry and sometimes the directors want to work out actor blocking when we should be focusing on tech. Meanwhile, the crews are on headset in stand-by wanting and waiting to move on."

So if you're ever wondering why your theatre friend is looking down in the dumps, assume it's tech week and they're dealing with the drama within the drama.

And don't forget about The 39 Steps opening June 1st! This show is very "tech-heavy". Lots of quick changes and lighting tricks and illusions. Come see what they pull off at tech week!

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