Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Are you in town for "Urinetown"?

The hilarious musical satire Urinetown has been one of the most talked about shows all year. Opening weekend was a huge success with a packed house at each performance. Directed by the fabulous Pirooz Aghssa this musical is sure to get you rolling in the isles. The Quirk halls are filled with chit-chat about the show...everything from the cast talking about the fun they have at rehearsals, to singing songs from the show on their way to class, to audience members filling our social media sites with how much they loved the show. 
 "We have the right to pee for free!"shout the citizens of a town ruined by a 20-year drought. Private toilets now cost money for every use, if anyone disobeys the laws they are sent to the ominous "Urinetown", never to be seen again.

We interview cast members from Urinetown, Tyler Calhoun and Rick Eva in our Inside the Actor's Studio.

If you missed last weekends performances do not fret! There is plenty of urine for everyone. The next performance dates are...
Thursday the 21st at 10PM, Friday the 22nd at 7PM, Saturday the 23rd at 7PM and the final performance is Sunday the 24th at 2PM.

Get your TICKETS for URINETOWN here!

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