Friday, October 31, 2014

Come spend an afternoon with some ELVES!

"Sara Kate? Are you an Elf?" –Hillary, Act II

Remember a time when you believed in things like elves and magic? Remember a time when friendship seemed like a bond that lasted forever? Come relive some of the magic that can only be created in the mind of a child at Afternoon of the Elves!

Come spend an afternoon with the family at,  Afternoon of the Elves, opening this Friday, November 7th 2014 and running ONE WEEKEND ONLY!

Written by: Y York
From the Newberry Honor Book by Janet Taylor Lisle
Directed by: Mark Isler 
We sat down with two of the performers in Afternoon of the Elves, Lauren Zamiska and Gabrielle Morris! Check out what they had to say about the show and some of the fun things they did as kids!

Performances Are:
November 7th and 8th at 7PM 
and November 9th at 2PM
All tickets $7

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