Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Student in the Spotlight: Tori Clayton

This week's Student in the Spotlight is...
      Tori Clayton!

    Tori Clayton is a transfer student in our Entertainment Design & Technology program! She has worked in numerous design positions during her time here at EMU. She was the Makeup Designer for Dead Gallery: Elysium Asylum, Costume/Makeup/Props Desginer for Afternoon of the Elves, and she is the Assistant Costume Designer for our upcoming production of Legally Blonde!!!

Tori's favorite show that she worked on here was Dead Gallery! As far as what shows she wants to work on in the future she said, "Anything I can get!"
   Tori's favorite part of EMU Theatre is, "The people, and meeting new people!" As far as post graduation plans, she said, in true college student fashion, "I have no idea." Whatever lies ahead we know it will be great Tori!

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