Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Student in the Spotlight: Jason VanMill

  This week's Student in the Spotlight is...
      Jason VanMill!

    Jason VanMill is a fourth year student at EMU majoring in Entertainment Design and Technology and Communications/Media/Theatre Arts! Jason has worked as an assistant stage manager for White as Snow Red as Blood: The Story of Snow White, Urinetown, Wedding Band: A Love Hate Story in Black and White, and Tintypes. He also stage managed The Shape of Things last year and is currently stage managing our upcoming production of Legally Blonde! When asked what his favorite show to work on was he said, "I liked them all for different reasons. They've taught me different things. My favorite would have to be Snow White. It was my first time as an assistant stage manager and Jenny Koppera is fantastic. It was a great way to introduce me into stage management."
   Jason's dream show to work on is Ragtime, "I think the music is beautiful; I love how layered it is. Now matter how many times I see or listen to it it always moves me to tears," he said.

    His favorite memory of EMU Theatre is, "All the people I've met along the way and all of the different things you take away from them. It's (EMU) a great environment. Everyone is really supportive of each other."
    After graduation Jason said, "I would love to get an internship and eventually stage manage in the real world. I would really like to do more directing too."

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