Friday, May 22, 2015


"I wish I had a monster that would eat all my peas, then I wouldn't have to. I wish a monster would come and eat this house." –Evan, Scene I

Written by Jonathan Graham
Directed by Patricia Zimmer


 Tired of being forced to eat the peas he hates, Evan wishes for a monster to come and eat his family, especially his younger sister Sue who LOVES peas. Eight-year old Evan soon discovers that sometimes even the most wild and unlikely of wishes come true. Evan and Sue join forces to keep Pea, their newly arrived monster, hidden from their technology-addicted parents. Monsters are awfully hard to hide, though, and Mommy & Daddy soon discover the big green, pancake stealing, addition to their household. Will Pea eat up Mommy & Daddy now that he's been discovered? Will he be sent back to Monster World? Is he meant to stay and be a part of the family?


 Join us for The Boy Who Loved Monsters and the Girl Who Loved Peas opening THIS FRIDAY, to find out what happens in this hilarious and heartfelt comedy for the whole family.

In partnership with the EMU Autism Collaborative Center, we will offer "Lights Up, Sound Down" performances with accommodations for families with special needs on Sunday, May 31 & June 7 at 2pm. 

Performances Are:
May 29 & 30 and June 5 & 6 at 7p.m.
Lights Up, Sound Down performances: May 31 & June 7 at 7p.m. 

 Meet Jake Dailey and Colleen Cartwright!!! They are playing Evan and Pea in the show!Watch this video to find out more about the show! #MonstersAreComing
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