Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Welcome to EMU Theatre Jackie Marlett!

Meet one of our newest EMU Theatre students
Jackie Marlett!

   Jackie Marlett is a new graduate of Woodhaven High School in Flat Rock, Michigan who is headed to EMU next month! Just like so many others, the last show she binged on Netflix was New Girl, "I love it!" she said with a smile. (We love Zooey Deschanel too Jackie.)

  She is planning on being involved in EMU Theatre, but she's taking her first year to get acclimated to college life. So far Jackie is undecided on a major, "I wanted to go through my first year and take the classes that everyone has to take (general education) and discover what interests I have in things outside of what I did in high school." When asked what she was most looking forward to when it comes to starting college she said, "Meeting the different people in the community and working with new people. You get so used to working with the same people and the same director from high school and I think it will be good to work with new people."

    Jackie had a lot of first-hand experience that informed her decision to attend EMU "When we were applying for classes I knew EMU had a good theatre program and educational program because I was interested in being a teacher. I also knew a lot of people here, alumni from Woodhaven, which was really cool!," she said. 

   She is excited to start experiencing the Arts Management side of theatre by working alongside our House Managers as an Usher in the Fall. She is looking forward to working in college theatre because "I'll be getting to do shows that aren't just PG. You get a better variety of shows in college." She's also very interested in the role that theatre plays in community dialogue, "I like the messages theatre can bring tot a community. You can tell a variety of different things to the community and there are so many aspects of theatre that people don't even know about! There's so much that goes into a show, it's very intricate."

   Jackie's favorite show is Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda. "I like how they mix hip hop and rap elements to bring more people into the story. It's history too so that's cool!," she said with a laugh. Her favorite shows that she has worked on are Once on this Island and The Insanity of Mary Girard. She explained, "I liked them both because it was an ensemble and we all worked together. I thought they both really exemplified strong ensemble work."

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