Wednesday, October 5, 2016

5 Ways to Purge the MACBETH Curse With EMU Theatre

If you're a theatre person you know what the one word is that you should never, ever, EVER say in a theater. And if you're not a theatre person and stumbled upon this blog post because you are an English Literature student, or a practicing witch looking for new curses to try - the name you should never say in a theater is Macbeth! 

Our first show of the season is William Shakespeare's MACBETH, so going into the show we did a little investigating amongst #EMUTheatre to find out how one might get rid of the dreaded curse...just in case.

Naturally we first went to the stage manager of MACBETH, Becca Bedell.

Then we decided it might be wise to ask someone with a lot of Shakespeare chops, so we stopped by Terry Heck Seibert's office.

After getting some great prank ideas to use on the MACBETH cast from Terry, she suggested we talk to the man directing the Scottish play, Lee Stille!

Not having found a specific cure for the curse yet - Terry said we should ask the person who knows all the things, our Supervising Stage Manager, Brittney Gillespie! 

After talking to Brittney we realized we forgot to talk to the person in charge of everything, the person with all the answers, the person who made twizzlers a necessity in Quirk, PAM CARDELL!  

There you have it, Give My Regards To Broadway the Pam Cardell-endorsed fix to the curse of Macbeth! But don't let the curse scare you away come see the savage, Shakespearean tragedy of MACBETH running Oct. 21 - Oct. 30 at Eastern Michigan University.

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