Tuesday, September 27, 2011

That's Valid.

Last Thursday the cast of Molière's Imaginary Invalid performed the entire show for what is known in the theater world as a "designer run". A designer run is when the stagehands, technicians, and well...designers of the show are able to view the performance for the first time. Lighting designers, set crew heads, costume designers, and many others attend the performance to get a better idea of the rhythms, themes, and characters of the show. (This is also an extremely important point in the rehearsal process for the actors since it is the first time they receive a collective feedback from their peers who have not seen the show.)
As a theatre department, we understand there is a lot of risk involved when deciding whether or not to see a show. You may ask yourself questions like: Is it going to be worth my money? Will I be entertained? WHAT IS IT EVEN ABOUT?? Well, we decided to let you know how the design run went so you can have a better idea of what you're in store for. And trust us, you're gonna like it.
Imaginary Invalid is a 16th century French farce that has been yanked into 2011 by adapter James Magruder and director Lee Stille. It's classical, but we promise, there ARE jokes that you will understand and think are hilarious.
The story follows an aged hypochondriac, Argan, played by seasoned EMU Theatre actor, James Walrod. The story opens with Argan going through medical bills for the treatment of some pretty extreme and grotesque medical conditions.

It doesn't take long for the sassy maid, Toinette, played by Vicki Morgan to answer to the pitiful calls of Argan. She does everything in her power to prove to Argan that he is not sick. Argan takes his obsession to another level when he promises his daughter's hand in marriage to a not-so-suave-soon-to-be doctor.

The maid sympathizes with the young girl and before you know it...All HECK breaks loose! We're not gonna spoil the rest of the surprise for you. You have to come see the show for that kinda info. 
But what if you don't have a lot of money? That's ok! Thespians understand. There are student coupons available in the theatre office in room 103 Quirk. OR you can see the show for free if you sign up to usher! The usher list is right outside of the office.
But all-in-all it's important to remember that it really IS worth your money. Dozens of people have poured countless hours into these productions FOR YOU! We want you to have fun. Don't you want to have fun?
Performances are on October 14, 15, 20, 21, 22 at 7pm and 16 at 2pm at Quirk Theatre. For more info visit our website or facebook!

Don't be scared...come see some theatre =]

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