Thursday, September 22, 2011

George at the Gallery

Who is George Spelvin?
George Spelvin is back and better than ever! George is EMU Theatre's mascot and has been known to cause quite a ruckus whenever he's around. He's been on hiatus since his nervous breakdown in the early 90's but apparently he started following our Tumblr Blog and decided to come back to EMU Theatre.

Luckily for George, there was a gallery opening in Ford building the day he came back to EMU! We decided to take George to the exhibition so he could show his support for other EMU organizations.

George simply could not resist the temptations of the free cheese, cookies, fruit, and punch. At least he waited patiently in line...

Oh GEORGE! That's NOT how you drink community PUNCH! 

The exhibition, Emergence 2011, featured the works of five recent MFA graduates within a 300 mile radius of Ypsilanti, MI. The gallery featured innovative sculptures, drawings, and a performance piece by Brittany Campbell. Viewers were invited to sit with Brittany while she served herself some cake whenever you said something that made her happy. George was at a loss for words...he kinda clammed up...

Oh GEORGE! You're NOT supposed to touch the ART!

George made sure of it that he was in every single picture we took at the gallery. He can't handle it if he's not the center of attention.

David Parker's All the Man You Will Ever Need is a series of framed pencil drawings that seamlessly and humorously combined the personality of James Bond and the artist himself. In one particular drawing Parker demonstrated quality typography by listing the names of several actors who have played James Bond. On the same list was David Parker's name. George thought this was an interactive piece, so he tried to write his name on the list! Luckily we stopped him before any damage was done.

George finally calmed himself down and took some time to reflect on the artwork and his unethical behavior.

But regardless, WE HAD A GREAT TIME! George is always looking for something to do around EMU's campus, so if you'd like him to make an appearance at your event e-mail either Marissa Kurtzhals at or Emily Clarkson! We'd be happy to blog about more of George's shenanigans.


  1. George should audition for a show...

  2. Does anyone know what George was doing behind K Mart last Tuesday at 1:00 a.m.

  3. Someone told me George was buying bath soaps at K Mart..