Friday, September 9, 2011

What is it Like to Audition?

When you see a play - it's easy to forget that you're watching actual people. There are countless hours dedicated to making sure the show is 100% perfect before the curtains open.  For the actors - it all starts at auditions. If you've never auditioned for a show before...You know that feeling you get when you're about to walk into a job interview? Well, it's just like that. You're constantly checking the mirror, giving yourself pep-talks, your hands are sweaty, you think you might vom...That's good stuff!

EMU Theatre held auditions today for our Fall 2011 Season which includes Moliere's Imaginary Invalid directed by Dr. Lee Stille and the children's show Go, Dog. Go! directed by Patricia Zimmer. Keep reading to see what auditions were like for some of our actors!

The Serious Actor (Who Wears All Black...All the Time)
A really serious actor does not need to tell the stage manager when he has classes. They shall work with his schedule no matter what.

A really serious actor makes a really serious entrance into the audition space.

And a really serious actor does a really serious monologue for his audition. And seriously banks on getting the best part in the show.

The Nervous One

Filling out your resume can be very stressful...especially if you're The Nervous One. (Notice the perspiration on his forehead.)

Extremely nervous auditioners tend to have the desire to peek around the space.

...Every space...

The Nervous One's are usually the auditions with little-to-no facial expressions.
...We weren't able to get a follow up interview with The Nervous One. He was last seen sprinting out of Quirk Building with even more perspiration on his forehead than before.

The Suck-Up
The Suck-Up has no boundaries. All are subject to his or her shenanigans. If you happen to see one, pretend you are invisible.

A true Suck-Up would never pass up an opportunity to embrace the palm of Ken Stevens (Notice how The Suck Up uses two hands to cusp the palm.)

Suck-up or not...You should always try to make friends with the accompanist. But The Suck-Up will take it upon themselves to stand in awe of an accompanist. 

Check out the blog tomorrow to see who else shows up to auditions!

And don't forget to see The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee THIS WEEKEND at EMU!

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