Friday, September 9, 2011

Auditions: Day Two

Yesterday, we followed 3 eager actors on their journey through auditions. They all gave it their best shot for a chance to be in Imaginary Invalid or Go, Dog. Go!

Today, more EMU students came through the doors for the second day of auditions with the hope of landing a role in our Fall Season! Let's see who showed up...

The Eager Freshman
Today is one of the proudest days of The Eager Freshman's life. He is here. He is ready. He will remember this day forever.

For The Eager Freshman, placing his foot onto the floors of Quirk Building felt like landing on a bed of clouds.

...We couldn't believe how excited he was to fill out his conflict sheet. "This is the best piece of yellow paper I have written on in my entire life!" said The Eager Freshman.

We're not sure how his audition went. Someone said they heard him singing Goodbye, Love from Rent when he was leaving the building.

The Loud One
The Loud One is a common type in the theatre department, but they always manage to arouse an eventful scenario. (Notice her shameless stance as she rehearses in the lobby.)

The Really Serious Actor never appreciates The Loud One's ability to derail the pre-audition process. "No one understands the delicate preparation for an audition," said The Really Serious Actor. "I cannot wait for Broadway."

The Loud One does not take it into consideration to keep her voice down when she is outside the doors where the auditions take place. (Notice the rage in the stage managers face.)

It was rumored that The Loud One caused damage to Lee Stille's ear drum during her audition. We're hoping he heals before rehearsals begin.

The Theatre Clique
The Theatre Clique does everything together...

They judge people together...

...they relieve themselves together...

...and they practice transcendental meditation before auditions together.

One of the members of The Theatre Clique broke his femur bone in a freak accident during their reenactment of a Three Stooges scene. The directors said the horrifying display should not affect the outcome of the casting.

Don't miss Spelling Bee this weekend!

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