Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Five Reasons to See "Go, Dog. Go!"

1) Escape the Cold!
We've all noticed it's been getting colder in Southeast Michigan. EMU Theatre will keep you cozy on December 2, 9 at 7pm and 3, 4, 10 at 2pm with a lovable performance of Go, Dog. Go!

2) Sandwich Juggling Dogs. 
Go, Dog. Go! is about dogs acting like humans. In the show we get to see them juggle sandwiches, tap dance, wear hats, and throw parties. Click here to watch a silly video of a dog acting like a person!

3) Win Prizes!
One lucky winner will receive a giant stuffed puppy and a copy of the book,  Go, Dog. Go! (More information will be provided at the performances.) There will also be a coloring contest, an Imagination Station, and puppy suckers! 

4) Exercise Your Imagination.
Blue-Ray ain't got nothing on EMU Theatre! Use your imagination to create a world full of fun. The show is highly interactive so YOUR presence is crucial to the experience.  

5) Spend Time with Family.
Theatre is a great way to share an experience, outside of "the norm". Go, Dog. Go! will appeal to all ages. So do something nice for a special child in your life and have some fun with EMU Theatre.

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