Friday, January 20, 2012

"Dead Man's Cell Phone" by Sarah Ruhl at EMU Theatre

Have you ever asked yourself the morbid yet intriguing question: What will happen to my cell phone after I die? EMU Theatre's production of  Dead Man's Cell Phone is sure to entertain your imagination and leave you chewing on thoughts about our technological mortality. (Performance dates: Feb. 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, & 16.)

One of the top contemporary playwrights, Sarah Ruhl, explores the absurdly profound story of a dead man's cell phone.

Picture this...A woman, Jean, is sitting in a cafe. There is a man sitting across from her and his cell phone begins to ring...

"Excuse me, are you going to get that?"

...(he doesn't respond.)

"Would you mind answering your phone?"

...(still no response.)

As Jean approaches the man, it is revealed he is dead! But every time his phone rings, she answers it! And then she goes to the funeral! And meets his mistress! And his widow! And his mother! 

You may read this and think, "Why are they giving it all away?"
Trust us. That is just the beginning.

Jean sweeps herself into a dark romantic comedy as she helps the memory of the dead man live on in the minds and hearts of his loved ones. Dead Man's Cell Phone is a fast-moving story filled with romance, humor, tragedy, absurdism, and the reality of the secrets we may leave behind in our hand held devices.

Pretty cool, huh? So let's tell you what is so special about EMU Theatre's production of this exciting contemporary masterpiece!

First of all, Director Pirooz Aghssa decided to "double-cast" the role of the dead man, Gordon, and the dead man's brother, Dwight. Which means the SAME ACTOR will play the roles of Gordon and Dwight.  Theatre Arts Major, Eric Hohnke (pictured above), is just the man for the job! With an intense focus on the vocal and physical differences between Gordon and Dwight, Hohnke has been hard at work since he saw his name on the cast list. Both characters have distinct differences (even though Hohnke sometimes changes characters in a matter of minutes!)

Also, student designers are participating in major elements of the show. Emily Clarkson and Haley Cavanaugh are responsible for the lighting and costume designs for Dead Man's Cell Phone

Everyone's been working around the clock to share a piece of high-quality contemporary theatre with an array of audiences. Dead Man's Cell Phone is a story for everyone (and when we say everyone - we mean ages 14+ due to the "F Bombs"). Bring a date! Bring a friend! Bring your Grandma! Come explore disconnects in the digital age. But be careful. You may begin to wonder...Would I ever answer a dead man's cell phone?

For more info...

Dead Man's Cell Phone is running in rep with a production of No Child... Stay tuned for more info!!

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