Friday, September 5, 2014

EMU Theatre 2014-2015 Season: Demons, Elves, and Green Pea Monsters!!!

EMU Theatre 2014-2015 Season: Demons, Elves, and Green Pea Monsters!!! 

    Our 2014-2015 Mainstage season is about to begin. This season promises to provide a journey not only across the map, but through time as well!

Our first stop:

Be careful what you wish for is the rule in this tragic morality tale, where a soul's deepest desire may not survive its starkest reality. Driven by dissatisfaction and a lust for more, the intelligent and successful John Faustus signs away his soul in exchange for 24 years of magical power and ultimate knowledge. Trapped by his greed, Faustus manipulates the black arts to the amusement of some and the horror of others. As his end inevitably draws near, Faustus realizes too late the true path he has chosen.

 By Christopher Marlowe
Directed by Lee Stille - Quirk Theatre
October 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 at 7p.m. 
and October 12 & 19 at 2p.m., 2014
Recommended for ages 13+ 

Up next:

Is it a child's imagination that creates the elf village in the Connolly backyard or have elves been hard at work magically transforming junk into a fantasyland? Newly popular fourth-grader Hillary Lenox begrudgingly befriends neighbor Sara Kate Connolly, an unkempt girl with an equally unkempt house and yard. Mysteries unfold and perceptions change as Hillary discovers a whole new world of courage, love and magic in Sara Kate's yard next door. Friendship blossoms and truths are revealed that will forever change the lives of these two young girls.

By Y York, from the Newberry Honor Book by Janet Taylor Lisle
Directed by Mark Isler - Sponberg Theatre
November 7 & 8 at 7p.m. and November 9 at 2p.m., 2014
School Matinees - November 11 & 12 at 10a.m.
Recommended for ages 8+

Let's head back in time for:

Presented as a lively musical revue of 50 songs from approximately 1880-1920, Tintypes follows the experiences of Charlie, a young Russian immigrant, as he becomes a part of the melting pot of American culture. Interwoven are glimpses into the lives of a variety of characters, including radical Emma Goldman, housemaid Susannah, Teddy Roosevelt and the aristocratic songbird Anna. 

Conceived by Mary Kyte with Mel Marvin and Gary Pearle
Music & Vocal Arrangements by Mel Marvin
Orchestration & Vocal Arrangements by John McKinney
Directed by Wallace Bridges - Quirk Theatre
November 21 & 22 at 7p.m., November 23 at 2p.m., December 4, 5, 6 at 7p.m. and
December 7 at 2p.m., 2014
Recommended for ages 10+

You'll find us across the pond for:

Welcome to a seaside boarding house, your hostess is Meg, the mentally unstable wife of Petey. Meg decides there should be a birthday party for their odd and disheveled boarder, Stanley. Guests to the impromptu party include mysterious strangers Goldberg & McCann and neighbor Lulu. Things take a disturbing turn as party games become cruel taunts and twists in the dark. When a new day shines light on the remnants of the party, it is clear that things will never be the same at the little house by the sea. 

By Harold Pinter
Directed by Jennifer Graham - Sponberg Theatre
February 6, 7, 12, 13, 14 at 7p.m. and February 8 & 15 at 2p.m., 2015
Recommended for ages 13+

A little closer to home:

California girl Elle loves pink and everyone loves Elle, well... everyone except her boyfriend Warner, who dumps her for someone he can take seriously as he heads to Harvard Law School. Never one to be daunted, the charming but fierce Elle tackles the books, packs up her dog Bruiser, and finds her way into Harvard and hopefully back in to Warner's heart. As Elle learns the ropes and climbs the ladder toward success, she begins to discover what it is she really wants and realizes what girl power, brain power, and a good "bend and snap" are capable of achieving. 

Book by Heather Hach, Music & Lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin
Directed by Phil Simmons - Quirk Theatre
April 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 at 7p.m. and April 12 & 19 at 2p.m., 2015
Recommended for ages 13+

For our last stop:

Tired of being forced to eat the peas he hates, Evan wishes for a monster to come and eat his family, especially his younger sister Sue who LOVES peas. Eight-year old Evan soon discovers that sometimes even the most wild and unlikely of wishes come true. Evan and Sue join forces to keep Pea, their newly arrived monster, hidden from their technology-addicted parents. Monsters are awfully hard to hide, though, and Mommy & Daddy soon discover the big green, pancake stealing, addition to their household. Will Pea eat up Mommy & Daddy now that he's been discovered? Will he be sent back to Monster World? Is he meant to stay and be a part of the family? 

By Jonathan Graham
Directed by Patricia Zimmer
May 29 & 30 at 7p.m., May 31 at 2p.m., June 5 & 6 at 7p.m. and June 7 at 2p.m., 2015
Recommended for ages 4+

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