Sunday, September 11, 2011

We'll Call You.

You thought it was over after two days of auditions? WELL THINK AGAIN! There is only one event in the Theatre World that is more stressful than auditions, and that's what we know as "Call-Backs".  

Call-backs are the second (and usually the last) opportunity an actor has to present themselves to the director. After auditions, a team of people decide who'd they like to see once more and "call-back" those who are being given further consideration for a part in the show.

We stopped by the call-backs for Imaginary Invalid.  The group of actors began this taxing selection process with a set of warm-ups (movement, breathing and vocal exercises).

After warm-ups the actors were split into two groups. The first group learned a dance to present to the director and the other group performed cold reads.

If you are not comfortable with publicly spanking yourself, then maybe theatre isn't for you...As you can see, this is a very advanced art form.

"This is the most extraordinary thing I've ever seen..." thought Lee Stille as the actors thrust and pop-locked for him. 

Stille explained the logistics of call-backs to the actors.  He mentioned there were 29 performers at call-backs and only 14-18 spots available in the show. We wonder what was going through the actors' minds as he revealed this news...

Thanks for reading and check back with us to see who made the shows!

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