Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Name Your Favorite '11-'12 EMU Theatre Moment!

Well it's been quite a journey since August, wouldn't you say? It all started at Fajita Fest when we worked the mobs of freshman, trying to get them pumped about EMU Theatre!

We were there for auditions and bumped into some typical theatre types...

The Theatre Clique

The Suck Up

 The Over-Enthused Freshman

After the cast list was posted, our students immediately got to work on Imaginary Invalid. Making 16th Century Theatre accessible to all audiences is not an easy task, friends, and takes a lot of practice.

But the hard work paid off and Invalid was a success! Many new faces were introduced to the program and the designers sure had a lot of fun with their wacky concepts.

Drama Day was a rip roarin' good time when high schools from all over Michigan came to take theatre workshop classes and watch Imaginary Invalid. Check out the video to see how Drama Day changes lives...

Then it was onto Go, Dog Go! which brought audiences in from out-of-state! Fans of this children's classic couldn't resist the opportunity to see it live at EMU Theatre!

We were able to creatively address the issue of sexual harassment with a double feature of Oleanna and How I Learned to Drive with our Lab Theatre Series. Student directed and produced, these performances led to many honest discussions about a "taboo" issue.

PHEW! We made it to Winter break! Most of us spent our time engulfing holiday treats and others prepared for our upcoming repertory series (while guzzling holiday treats). Dead Man's Cell Phone and No Child... played in rep as commentary on contemporary issues such as technology and public education.

This spun us right into our annual Student Written and Directed One Act Festival. We had quite an array of styles and topics covered in one evening for one low price!

Most recently, we successfully revived an American Musical Theatre Classic EMU Theatre style! Guys and Dolls opened April 13 and left audiences with a pep in their step and songs in their head.

And in the meantime...we created a webseries! Inside the EMU Actor's Studio interviews actors, designers, and directors about the upcoming shows. Check out some of our favorites!


Now, don't be sad. You think we're just going to disappear in the Summer? Well, we're not! Broadway's longest running comedy, The 39 Steps by Alfred Hitchcock is coming to EMU Theatre this June. Good luck with the rest of your finals...AH HEM!...We mean...Break legs on your finals. AND CONGRATS TO OUR GRADUATES!  Kylie, SVA, Sarah Leahy, Millhouse, Emily Tipton, Clarkso, Craig, and Betty!

Stay connected over the summer!

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